Community Service

Quilters by the Bay has the opportunity to help others in the community by creating Quilts and other projects that can benefit the community. Each Year the Guild chooses a service project to fulfill our commitment as a 501c3 organization

2013-2015 Charity Projects This year the guild is supporting 2 Mary Bridge Children's Hospital programs:

      Child Abuse Intervention Comfort Quilts

     The members make quilts that are donated to Mary Bridge Children's Hospital. The quilts are given to children      who have been removed from their homes for safety reasons.

     Beads of Curage Bags - Providing Arts-in-Medicine for Children with Serious Illness

Franciscan Hospice House

     The guild decorates the hospice house with quilts, changing the quilts every 2 months.

Past charity Projects

     Walker Bags donated to local nursing home

     Quilts of Valor

     Pillow Cases for Mary Bridge