Governing Documents

By Laws and Policies & Procedures

The Quilters By The Bay (QBTB) guild was established as a non-profit
association dedicated to preserving and promoting the art of quilt making
and to providing inspiration and fellowship for quilt enthusiasts.  As a non-
profit 501(c)(3), QBTB is organized and operated exclusively for
charitable and educational purposes.

Volunteers provide the organizational strength of QBTB, which is
entirely dependent upon their active participation and without which
QBTB will fail to reach its fullest potential. Thus, it is expected that
each member of QBTB will volunteer to share in endeavors related to
the overall missions of the guild: to educate members and guests in the art
of quilt making, and to contribute to community charitable projects. 
While not limited to the following activities, participation is expected in one
or more:
chair, co-chair or serve on a standing or ad hoc committee,
serve as an executive board member,
help with management of exhibitions or special events,
help with fund raising activities: boutiques, raffles, etc.
contribute time and resources to projects to be donated to charitable
organizations .
The success of QBTB is dependent upon each member sharing in the
volunteer responsibilities of the organization.

By Laws

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