November 2012 Meeting Minutes

QBTB held the regular meeting on November 19.

Meeting called to order by Mary Bradshaw.

November Birthdays were celebrated.

The speaker for the evening was Karen Alexander from the American Quilt Study Group of Washington. She gave a presentation and history of signature and 20th century quilts.

Show and tell

Membership list was sent around for members to check e-mails and information.

A motion to accept minutes was brought up by Carole Boughton and seconded by Dorothy Loveless

Membership: We currently have 58 members. 43 were present with 7 guests.

Treasure Report: $12, 637.00 including the retreat money

Raffle quilt: Total turned in is $2536.00. If you have any tickets that you feel you will not be able to sell please bring to the next meeting for others to sell. The drawing is in February.

Thrivent: Irma, Nancy, Joyce, Paula, Krystal, and Norma Jean purchased the fabric for our charity quilts. A small group is getting together to choose four or five patterns. We will soon have a cutting and sewing get together to make the kits and sew the quilts. Notices will be coming out later for these activities.

Spring retreat is full. If you are going make sure you have paid.

Fall Retreat. Carol and Nancy are co-chairman. Dates are October 8-12 2015. $150.00 down payment will reserve your spot.

Small Groups: There are other members interested in joining the long arm/domestic quilting group. It was suggested to divide this group into one long arm and one domestic, so we would have two groups.
Two people were interested in restarted the general quilting group. They will need someone to be the person to contact.

By-laws: These have been reviewed and will be presented to the board and then to the group.

Charities: We will continue making quilts for Mary Bridge. Mardell shared the information for the needs at the NICU at Mary Bridge.
The need 46x36 inch quilts. These would fit over the isolets and they would also be used for Tummy Time with their mothers. Pillowcases can also be made to match the quilts. They want vibrant colors with sharp contrast. No ties, no buttons, no minke or flannel.

(Tummy time is exercise time for the premies to strengthen their necks)

Sew Ins at Mardell's: January 24th and March 21st

Nancy Kaey and Marcia Dyer volunteered to take pictures for the website.

Future Programs:

December: Christmas Party

Turn in your traditional or batik blocks for the Block Party.

Finish the work on your #4 to share.

Bring a white elephant gift for the gift exchange. NOTE: This is anything from your sewing room that you want to give as a gift. Do not go out and buy anything.

January 4 corners
Marcia Dyer- French Twist binding
Heather Stailey-Two color binding
Vicki Gleason-piped binding
Delores Slingerland-mitered corners
February Sit and sew

March Katie Peterson. Modern quilts

April Diedra McElroy Tahitian quilts. A class is being offered for members $35.00. A kit fee will also be charged.

May Strip Poker

FYI Mark Lipinski will be the speaker at the Quilter's Night Out at Sew Expo