March 2014 Meeting Minutes

QBTB held the regular meeting on March 26.

Welcome: President Mary Bradshaw

Old Business:

     Minutes: February 26 QBTB Minutes were approved by voice vote.

     Membership: Marcia Cramer

               Some people are not able to download current roster. It was suggested that the roster be sent out as a                PDF file. Marcia will update roster and create a PDF file, send it to Jan Jansen, Secretary, who will send                it out to the QBTB membership.

New Business:

     Hospitality: Vicki Gleason

          Birthdays: Judy Bader-Mar. 10; Nancy Gervais-Mar. 6;

          Nancy Keay-Mar. 10; Brandy Mester-Mar. 12; Mary Worrall-Mar. 24

     Treasurer's Report: Krystal Johnson

          Current Balance: $11,292.87

     Charity Quilts-Mardell Buffington said a representative from Mary Bridge will speak in

     July about quilts for preemies and ICU cases.

     Retreats: Spring-Sandy, Mary and Vicki-April 10-13, 2014

          There will be 1 meal on Thursday, 3 meals on Friday and Saturday and 2 on Sunday.

          Be sure to email Sandy the information sheet

          Bring projects to work on for 4 days

     Raffle Quilt-Rose Flannigan, Pat Ditter and Joyce Walker

          Sales are doing well. $300 has been brought in.

     Remember tickets are $2.00 this year and include the quilt and a tuffet

     Small Groups-Karen Renaud-Williams and Judy Bader have volunteered to coordinate these groups.

PROGRAM: Beverly Dunivent-Quilt Appraisals and Judging

          Beverly gave a very interesting program on appraisals of old quilts and quilts today that we create. She           explained how their worth is calculated for insurance purposes. Beverly also explained judging and let us           experience judging with 4 quilts she had brought along.

Show and Tell:

     Judy B.-Bundle beds made out of pillows and colorful fabrics

     Joan-A quilt done in blues, yellow and gold

             A snowman winter quilt

     Dorothy-A dinosaur quilt for our Charity

     Barbara K.-Pillows-Modern style

     Norma Jean-Amber and teal-hand applique

     Paula-Applique quilt in brights of Mr. Sun

              Snowman quilt which she quilted

     Nancy G.-Quilt done in tans and dark reds

     Adonna-Angle play quilt done in bright batiks

     Mary-Expanded a miniature quilt to bed size, done in blues and browns.


     April 16-QBTB Board Meeting at Blue Steele-6:00pm

     April 23-QBTB Guild Meeting-7:00 pm