April 2014 Meeting Minutes

QBTB held the regular meeting on April 23.

6:30-7:00 Sign-in;Turn in Raffle Ticket money or pick up tickets; Sign up for Small Groups Visiting

7:00 Guild Meeting

     Welcome-Pres. Mary Bradshaw

           Membership: Marcia Cramer

               Two new members: Denise Threatt & Bobbi Ventur

               Four Visitors: Amy Hanson, Lissa Valentine, Carol Krona and Nancy Davenport

          Minutes for the March guild meeting were approved by voice vote.

          Hospitality: Vicki Gleason

               Birthdays for April were celebrated: Lori Avery-Apr. 21; Carole Boughton &

                    Karen Renaud-Williams-Apr, 15; Mardell Buffington-Apr. 24; Susan

                    Harmon-Apr. 6; Joyce Walker-Apr. 14

          Raffle Quilt: Drawing will be February, 2015

               People are needed to circulate our quilt to other guilds and Calico

                    Threads during the five days of Shop Hop to raise money for our

                    Guild. Rose has a sign-up sheet.


               **Final Payment due in May for Fall Retreat.

               Heather, Karen and Mardell will act as hostesses for the Spring Retreat.

               Dates are April 9 to 12. Sign up now and deposit $100 to hold your spot.

          Charity Quilts

               Our Charity Quilts go to Mary Bridge for abused children-from baby to

               teenagers, both boys and girls. Quilts for boys are needed.

               Another notice regarding sizes of Charity Quilts will be emailed to


          QBTB Guild received a letter from Sew Expo thanking us for our donation of

               pillow cases.

     Nominating Committee: Sandy & Mardell

          Secretary and Vice President will be nominated in May, with elections in

               June. New positions will start a two-year term in July.

          The following people are needed: A Publicity person, a photographer to

          coordinate with web site and a Program Chair or two people to organize.

New Business:

     Small Groups: Met and decided on a time to get together

     Fund Raising: Discussion centered around the need for a coordinator or two to organize

          and suggest items to make for a Craft Fair or Bazaar. It was also

          suggested we participate in this every other year. No final decisions


     Garage Sale: Discussion about participating in this activity as a fund raiser.

          It was suggested we participate in the August Garage Sale in Steilacoom.

          President Mary Bradshaw said we could have the sale at her home. Pat

          Ditter volunteered to store items for the Garage Sale, as long as they

          came to her already priced.

     Coffee for Retreats: Dumis Bay is charging up $66.00/day for having coffee

           available. Is it worth it? It was suggested we purchase a Keurig to use for

          retreats and special events. A motion was made and passed by voice vote.

     Show and Tell:

          Donna—Block of the month quilt offered at Calico Threads

          Barbara-Modern log cabin quilts from a class she took

          Marcia D.-Flannel quilt for her nephew

          Sandy-2 quilts-one for American hero program and another a butterfly circle


          Nancy G.-Red and cream quilt

          Cindy-Wall hanging done in cream and dark colors

          Dorothy-Charity Quilt

          Betty B.-Baby quilt

          Mary B.-Red & cream wall hanging and a quilt for her sister done in purples and


PROGRAM: Quilting Tips and Tricks learned along the way-Part 2-Mary Bradshaw

Upcoming Dates:

          May 21-QBTB Board Meeting—Blue Steele at 6:00

          May 28---QBTB Guild Meeting

          July 12-Quilt Show in Sisters, Oregon Classes are July 7-11

          July 31-Aug. 3—Association of Pacific West Quilters Symposium at UPS

          Aug. 14-16-Quilt! Knit! Stitch! in Portland, Oregon

          Sept. 25-27-Northwest Quilt Expo in Portland, Oregon

Jan Jansen, Secretary