June 2013 Meeting Minutes

June 26, 2013

PROGRAM:   Sherry Rogers Harrison   Ink Lique’ Process
     Sherry presented a very interesting program on her Ink Lique’ Process.   She told us how she became interested in doing this process and shared many examples of her work.    She demonstrated her process for our viewing.    Sherry also brought books and materials she has published for purchase for those interested.
       Birthdays:   Judy Bowie, Vickie Gleason and Mary Voight
       Updates:     There are still 4 people who have not paid for Fall Retreat.
                            Spring Retreat:    We have the opportunity to extend the Spring Retreat from 3 to 4 days.
                                                           A vote was taken.   The majority of Guild members indicated
                by a show of hands, to extend the Spring Retreat to 4 days.    
        2013-2014 Budget:
                President Heather Stailey led the discussion on the new proposed Budget.   Vicki Gleason, Treasurer, handed out the proposed budget to Guild Members.  Heather explained how the board had looked into other places to move the Guild to, but Board was not pleased with the results.   It was then decided to talk with the Environmental people in regards to renting just half of the current room used.   They were willing to rent half for $540 instead of the current $1080.  A voice vote was taken to accept the new rate for 2014, using the East end half of the current room. No objects were noted.
The Post Office box was questioned, but Vicki Gleason explained that to remain a 501 C organization there were certain requirements needed and one of them was to maintain a post office box.
Programs were discussed, explaining that due to the size of our Guild we do not have enough money to have a speaker every month.  It was stated that the Guild would like to involve members more often in providing techniques they use or small demonstrations.  
 Guild members made suggestions that might build up our program budget:
(1)    Members make a small donation to the guild which could be a tax write-off.
(2)    Guild members donate items for a garage sale, allowing money collected from that to go to Guild program budget.
(3)  When members bring in items to give away, such as magazines, those who take them give some small donation to guild.
Mary Bradshaw/ Norma Jean Nyman moved that the QBTB Guild accept the Budget as presented.
Voice vote accepted the Budget as presented.   No objections were noted.
Nomination Committee: 
 Sandy Jarvis present the proposed slate of President and Treasurer to the Guild for 2013-2015:
       President:    Mary Bradshaw         Treasurer:    Krystal Johnson
Sandy asked if there were any other nominations from the floor.
Mardell/Norma Jean moved that the Guild Unanimously cast a vote for the proposed officers.
Guild agreed, no objections noted.

 Vicki Gleason and Delores Slingerland presented out-going President Heather Stailey with an appliqued quilt top for all the work she had done for the Guild over the last 2 years.
REMINDERS:        Raffle tickets are now available to sell
                               Dues for 2013-14 are now due.
                                Puyallup Valley Quilters are sponsoring a trip to hear Ricky Tims.
                               Challenge quilt tops are due in July.
Program for August: 
Mary Bradshaw presented Sew Complete Challenge.   Go through your UFO’s and complete one   or two to bring in August, telling the story of this quilt/s.
Vicki Gleason volunteered to take over the Birthday celebrations for Joyce Walker.
Mardell Buffington reported that 418 Bags for Beads of Courage have been taken to Mary Bridge.
Next month bring your ideas for charity project for 2013-14.
               Norma Jean:  Aqua, white, and green quilt
               Betty:   Baby Quilts
              Mary Johnson:  Strip quilt in fall colors
                                          Yellow and green pieced quilt and a scrappy blue and white quilt
              Delores:   Kids quilt done in pink and yellow for Mary Bridge charity

Jan Jansen, Secretary